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The manufacturing sector remains one of the strongest pillars of the Polish economy. Poland is still an attractive destination for foreign investors from the manufacturing industry. The Poland’s is attractive thanks to its location, stable economy, flexible labour market and public aid system. Next to the inflow of foreign investments, another important trend in the manufacturing activity is its increasing complexity. According to research carried out among entrepreneurs, the complexity of the production has increased over the past five years and is expected to increase further over the next years. Importantly, the producers emphasize an increase in complexity of operations and management strategies in all manufacturing sectors. These processes vary depending on the industry. Automotive and aerospace industries focus on more effective demand planning to improve their operations; modern technology and electronics industries favour acquisitions of technology services from countries with lower production costs and better adaptation of IT services to business needs. Meanwhile, the customer equipment sector is committed to a strategy focused on meeting customer expectations. However, the common factor for about 2/3 of the producers is that business processes and IT systems used are not adequate to the current level of their production complexity.

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