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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare market in Poland may be split into two areas: investment in health infrastructure and medical services. Medical services in Poland are finance mainly by the National Health Fund, and by the private sector (medical packages, personal expenses, insurance). In Poland, still the amount of health spending per capita is significantly lower than in the Western Europe, and also lower than in many Central and Eastern European countries. Polish healthcare system is facing a number of challenges resulting from, inter alia, population aging leading to an increased demand for the healthcare services. Healthcare is perceived as a sector with relatively high barriers of entry, but at the same time with high growth potential.

Polish pharmaceutical market in recent years experienced mood swings. The continuous increase until the year 2011 was stopped in 2012, when there was a regression caused mainly by regulatory changes and great competition. One of the main problems of the market is a barrier related to reimbursement of innovative drugs. Polish pharmaceutical market is characterized by a significant share of generic medicines in domestic sales. However, despite its problems and limitations, just as in the case of healthcare, the pharmaceutical market faces good development prospects – population aging, increased incidence of chronic diseases will lead to increase of demand for pharmaceuticals.

Our experts work with public and private providers of medical services, medical infrastructure manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical companies and are able to support our customers in each of these areas.