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Private Equity

Polish market, as well as the overall Central and Eastern European market, are still perceived by private equity funds, as a relatively young and having the prospect of rapid growth. Polish private equity market is still small compared to the developed markets of Western Europe, but it seems that in the next years it will be catching up on its delays. Poland, as the largest economy in the region is a natural first choice in search for attractive investment projects. Stable banking sector, growing economy, relatively high demand in the domestic market, developed capital market, the accessibility of debt financing, as well as programs supporting the investors make Poland an attractive market for private equity funds. The key threat, which the private equity funds must face these days is general unpredictability of the market environment (e.g. in respect to regulatory issues).

CSWP team of professionals is ready to assist our customers during the various stages of the transaction (the acquisition of an investment project, support in the process of selling the company, due diligence, analysis of the SPA, support in the transaction closing procedures, structuring and tax optimization, valuations) and also offers audits of financial statements specifically tailored for the needs of private equity funds.

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